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Edex (Alprostadil)

Edex, also known as Prostaglandin E1, is a naturally occurring prostaglandin which is used as a medication. In babies with congenital heart defects, it is used by slow injection into a vein to open the ductus arteriosus until surgery can be carried out.

Other names for this medication:
Alprostadil, Caverject, Edex, Vitaros,

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Laparoscopic extirpation should be considered for the treatment of selected retroperitoneal cystic lesions. Arteries suitable for grafts are not abundant and, therefore, upper extremity surgeons must be informed about possible donor sites and techniques for harvest. Cardiovascular mortality in patients with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is high.

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Additionally, evidence for interaction of glioma cells with primary brain endothelial cells is described, modulating human glioma peroxidative signalling. Iterative least-squares fitting programs in pharmacokinetics for a programmable handheld calculator.

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These cellular effects of GIT1 require its intact ARF GAP activity and do not reflect regulation of GRK kinase activity. The majority of the participants had a migrant background, a low level of education, no paid job and a high body mass index. Between-subjects, intoxicated participants reported significantly stronger CUR intentions, more favorable CUR attitudes and normative perceptions, and greater CUR self-efficacy than sober participants. Maternal and neonatal outcomes in women with twin pregnancies with excessive gestational weight gain. The expression of GLUT-1 protein was then compared to that of experimental diabetic rats to test whether the diabetic state would affect the regulation of the glucose transporter during the early postimplantation periods (9.5-14.5 days), as we have previously demonstrated that GLUT-1 protein in embryo and VYS was down-regulated in culture with hyperglycemic medium.

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We report an innovative technique in which the graft for PV/SMV reconstruction was made with the falciform ligament. Prenatal diagnosis of congenital diaphragmatic hernia not amenable to prenatal or neonatal repair: Brachmann-de Lange syndrome. Dieldrin did not interact with chlorpyrifos or methyl mercury in the accumulation or elimination experiments.

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Most of the knowledge has evolved from animal models of ischemic or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. A set of molecular descriptors was generated for these substances obtained from GC-MS analysis to numerically represent the molecular structure of such compounds. Methods for detection of horizontal transfer of transposable elements in complete genomes. To implement and evaluate the impact of a semester-long, online, 1-credit elective course designed to promote tobacco cessation counseling proficiency among health professions students. Extravasation of ionic contrast agents decreased impedance and that of nonionic agents increased impedance.

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FM measured by BCM was calculated by subtracting fat-free mass (FFM) from body mass assuming fractional hydration of FFM of 0.73 or the proprietary prediction equations from the BCM model. In rabbits, severely obstructed kidneys were more susceptible to oxidative damage and mitochondrial injury than mildly obstructed kidneys when subjected to higher degrees of kidney perfusion pressure. Since industrial production in fed-batch reactors typically involves low specific growth rates, this study emphasizes the need for uncoupling growth and product formation via energy-requiring pathways. Training with a moving stimulus, but not with a flashed stimulus, strengthened the direction-selective responses of individual neurons and preferentially reversed the direction biases of neurons that deviated from their neighbours. Multiple sclerosis: new therapeutic concepts or better use of old drugs?

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For some people, fixing a bulging aorta from the inside is an okay alternative to surgery. Transplastomic expression of a modified human papillomavirus L1 protein leading to the assembly of capsomeres in tobacco: a step towards cost-effective second-generation vaccines.

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These findings demonstrate that isoproterenol attenuated the increased transvascular flux of albumin in edematous lungs by modifying the protein permeability of the vascular barrier. Cholesterol turnover and metabolism in two patients with abetalipoproteinemia. Medical and Revascularization Therapies for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis. These results point to a possible mechanism for stereotype-threat effects.

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The significance of covariations was estimated by mutual information calculations and tracing multiple covariation events during virus evolution. To examine the linkages, cultural/ecological factors, and major psychosocial risk factors as they relate to drug use in a sample from Colombia, South America. Intravitreal ranibizumab for choroidal neovascularisation secondary to pathologic myopia: 12 month results. Incubation of erythrocytes with VC induced hemolysis, which was exacerbated in erythrocytes from glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) patients and rescued by antioxidants. fetida helped in fast conversion of toxic paper mill sludge into a soil conditioner in 100days.

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Locomotor activity was significantly enhanced in all testing conditions in lesioned rats as compared with sham-operated animals, while oral stereotypic behaviors elicited by apomorphine were attenuated possibly because they were eclipsed by excessive locomotion. This appears to be a hallmark of the process known as epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT), in which epithelial cells migrate through the Rbm and differentiate into fibroblasts. The roles of histamine formed by the macrophage - T lymphocyte system were evaluated in the regulation of lymphocyte proliferation using mice lacking histamine receptors. Accordingly, excitatory corticostriatal synapses onto both striatal projecting spiny neurons and interneurons are able to undergo the main forms of synaptic plasticity, including long-term potentiation, long-term depression, short-term forms of intrinsic plasticity and spike timing-dependent plasticity.

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They suggest HRQoL-based reimbursement incentives will favor practices with younger, healthier patient populations. We show that the specific knockdown of zebrafish papp-a limits the developmental rate beginning during gastrulation without affecting the normal patterning of the embryo. Myocarditis and sudden cardiac death are uncommon but clinically important complications in a cohort of patients followed while maintained on clozapine undergoing regular cardiac assessment. In addition, these data establish more clearly the boundaries of ages-at-onset for 2 of the subtypes of the disease.

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Are prophylactic antibiotics useful in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? The objective of this review is to explain posttraumatic growth and its determinants in breast cancer during the post-treatment period in accordance with the relevant literature. Presentation of modern intraoperative 3D imaging and navigation in spinal surgery.

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Selective pressure in molecular evolution leads to uneven distributions of amino acids and nucleotides. The problem of real-time multiclass object recognition is of great practical importance in object recognition. This multi-institutional study evaluated safety, effectiveness, and outcomes of the CentriMag in patients with cardiogenic shock. The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis that the offset of action of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists on the heart is related to their lipophilicity, with low and highly lipophilic drugs having a rapid and slow offset, respectively. By means of magnetic rheometry, dynamic viscosity- and elasticity were determined either in the fresh state of these samples or after storage at -80 degrees C.

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Alterations in the equilibrium state of biological systems breed disease and mutation in response to environmental triggers. The underlying concept revealed in this work should also apply to other types of active and asymmetric particles. In this study, we have designed a new test that allows investigating the assembly of the MexA-MexB-OprM efflux pump from the Gram negative bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Yet approaches to research capacity strengthening (RCS) are still new, and there is much debate about how to strengthen something that is so difficult to define, let alone measure.

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Injection of mRNA coding for a constitutively active Akt in Xenopus oocytes induced germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) to the same extent as progesterone or insulin treatment. Isolation of Porphyromonas gingivalis and detection of immunoglobulin A specific to fimbrial antigen in gingival crevicular fluid.

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Stochastic ratcheting of two-dimensional colloids: Directed current and dynamical transitions. OLIVE provided effective nutrition, was well tolerated, was associated with fewer infections, and conferred greater ease-of-use than SOYBEAN. Registered Nurse and Nursing Assistant Perceptions of Limited English-Proficient Patient-Clinician Communication. By contrast, MEK activity required EGFR activation and, as shown by use of the MEK inhibitor PD98059 and a dominant negative MEK construct, was necessary for Bcl-x(L) expression and survival. Changes in triglyceride levels in ultra-high risk for psychosis individuals treated with omega-3 fatty acids.

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Secondary structure map of psoralen-crosslinked adenovirus DNA studied by electron microscopy. The aim of this study was to describe the number of children withdrawn from an epilepsy surgery programme due to unexpected seizure improvement. Life events were assessed with both subjective self-report and more objective interview-based methods in endogenously depressed outpatients. Although there are noticeable differences between parameter sets for gas-phase clusters and solvent structures around the solute, thermodynamic quantities in the condensed phase (e.g., reduction potential and potential of mean force) were found to be less sensitive to the numerical values of vdW parameters. A higher frequency of abnormal glucose and insulin levels has been found among users of combination-type drugs as compared to the sequential type.

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Genome-wide identification and analysis of the growth-regulating factor family in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). The mechanism underlying this variability is unknown, but may involve an abnormality of adenosine metabolism in the myocardium. Morphology and histology of the male reproductive system in two species of internally inseminating South American catfishes, Trachelyopterus lucenai and T. obesity is a global priority health concern affecting all ages and as demonstrated in this review, can result in serious postoperative complications for child bearing women undergoing caesarean section such as SSI. Further outreach and education is necessary to expand comprehensive HIV VCT services in both urban and rural India.

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For each surface pressure, there is an optimum pulling speed and vice versa. Direct mail the primary, preferred source of healthcare information for consumers. NOX4 expression was increased by hyperglycemia and high glucose, but was reduced in cardiac fibroblasts treated by NaHS and GYY4137. It was demonstrated that various comorbidities can affect ultrastructural alterations in the advanced tendinopathy, however there is very little data on ultrastructural morphology in tendinopathies related to mechanical overload as in case of the long head of the biceps brachii tendon (LHBT).

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Combat urologic trauma in US military overseas contingency operations. Progression of focal stroke symptoms still constitutes a serious clinical problem for which heparin has insufficient effectiveness in clinical practice.

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Spectra speeds of several films and spectral emission of intensifying screens were built up. Hepcidin plays a central role in iron homeostasis and erythropoiesis.

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The agreed AO/OTA-classification of the reference group was regarded as the gold standard classification for each case. Thus, it is possible that the cause of thumb CMJ pain in advanced OA is bone alterations. We concluded that our FDP method was able to generate processed images yielding robust 3D reconstruction of whole cell bodies, and presented major advantages for long-time recordings since no cell labeling was needed. Differences in the stress response of prolactin in young and aged female rats. In general, the glycine-substituted surfactant showed consistently high gene expression in all three cell lines.

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Yet hospital capacity to perform (and improve performance) likely depends on local resources. However, the qRT-PCR data demonstrated significant upregulation of runx2A mRNA under osteogenic differentiation in FBS- and HS-based medium, particularly by OM3 under FBS conditions. Along this line, in the present study we discovered that full length HDGF-A clearly is located inside of exosomes, whereas the isoforms HDGF-B and HDGF-C are found exclusively on the outer surface.

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Receptor binding was analyzed using flow cytometry and radioassays. Functional relationship between fibroblast growth factor-8 and bone morphogenetic proteins in regulating steroidogenesis by rat granulosa cells. First, we present a geometric argument for narrow shear bands that connects the function of their surface position with the shape in the bulk. These findings reveal that there may be a significant negative impact on access to health care among poor, minority, and underserved populations as a result of judicial and legislative actions that curtail affirmative action programs in medical education.

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Physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer development and recurrence. Previous reports have suggested that hyperlipidemia may be associated with increased restenosis after successful coronary angioplasty. Systemic conditions, however, can affect treatment planning of dental implant supported rehabilitations.

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A fixed- or random-effects model was used to calculate the overall combined odds ratio (OR) or standard mean differences (SMDs). Significantly higher numbers of pericellular basket-like puncta immunoreactive for corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) were observed in the ACC of AMPH rats at 7 day withdrawal.

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Our and literature evidence lead to the conclusion that the active site (contact region), generated by the release of the peptide A, effects polymerization through electrostatic and H-bonding, whereas on the removal of the peptide B another active site arises of which a system of H-bonds and hydrophobic interactions are characteristic. Demographic and health survey (DHS) of 12 countries, conducted between 2005 and 2012, were analyzed. In North West Iran, the incidence of breast cancer after esophageal and gastric cancers has the highest rate. 50 to 100 Gy), were shown to up-regulate significantly the expression of heat shock protein gp96 mRNA in a dose-dependent manner. Regulation of a Coupled MARCKS-PI3K Lipid Kinase Circuit by Calmodulin: Single-Molecule Analysis of a Membrane-Bound Signaling Module.

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PROPER: global protein interaction network alignment through percolation matching. The results indicated that GB-0998 was effective in the prophylaxis of the recurrent infection of acute otitis media, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia in infancy with IgG 2 deficiency and/or IgG 2 antibody deficiency specific for Streptococcus pneumoniae. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is currently regarded as a gold standard method for detecting HER-2/neu amplification, but it is not very practical for routine histopathological laboratories. The vessel length, clock hours, and NV area were measured on photographs.

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The role of Jahn-Teller distortion in insulator to semiconductor phase transition in organic-inorganic hybrid compound (p-chloroanilinium)2CuCl4 at high pressure. In nicotinic ACh and 5-HT3 receptors, a Trp residue forms a cation-pi interaction with the agonist, whereas in GABA(A) receptors, a Tyr performs this role. MRIs from 18 patients with confirmed tubulin mutations (8 TUBA1A, 5 TUBB2B, and 5 TUBB3) and 15 patients with known mutations of the genes encoding microtubule-associated proteins (5 LIS1, 4 DCX, and 6 DYNC1H1) were carefully visually analyzed and compared. The diagnosis of overactive bladder is established by the presence of irritable voiding symptoms.

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We report an enormous pseudocyst with extension deep into the pelvis to displace both rectum and bladder. Short tandem repeats (STRs) are found in many prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes, and are commonly used as genetic markers, in particular for identity and parental testing in DNA forensics. Colchicine treatment of the cells resulted in an inhibition of phosphorylation at both sites, through an unknown mechanism. Systemic problems in prison health services, along with squalid living conditions, lack of coordination between national TB programs and prison health systems, and insufficient allocation of resources to health prevented the provision of adequate TB prevention and care. A new series of benzoxazinone analogs were designed, synthesized, and assayed to determine their effects on superoxide anion generation and neutrophil elastase (NE) release in formyl-L-methionyl-L-leucyl-L-phenylalanine (FMLP)-activated human neutrophils.

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Finally, aftereffects were produced only by adaptor movement toward but not away from listener midline. After treatment, patients can develop poor appetite, mucositis and gastrointestinal failure, leading to malnutrition. Aortic valve surgery and an anomalous origin of the intramural right coronary artery from the ascending aorta. Evidence for an iron carrier substance in copper-deficient mitochondria. Escapes with and without preparation: the neuroethology of visual startle in locusts.

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A computed tomography scan and magnetic resonance imaging revealed multiple mildly enhancing lesions within T5, T7, T8, and L1 vertebral bodies with ventral epidural and bilateral T8-T9 neuroforaminal soft tissue extension causing severe spinal canal stenosis. A log-normal model is used for the regression analysis, and the results indicate significant impacts on occurrences of waters with signal crayfish of changes in both economic and attitude variables. Therapeutic potential of boswellic acids: a patent review (1990-2015). Our data demonstrated that liver lymphocytes can be efficiently isolated by simple perfusion.

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The microscopical examination of stained blood films is the gold standard method to confirm clinical suspicion of malaria but diagnosis is difficult in the case of mixed infections, low-grade parasitaemia, or forms altered by uncompleted treatment. In return, by adhering and generating forces on the extracellular matrix (ECM) cells organize their microenvironment. These results suggest that limb apraxia in CBD may, at least in part, be due to a disorder of somatosensory information processing involving the parietal cortex. A retrospective chart review was done for 36 boys aged 14 years or older, seen between 1983 and 1996 because of delayed puberty, who were given 4 monthly injections of testosterone, 100 mg/mo, and had adequate follow-up. However, the range of this factor varies considerably between individuals.

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Here, we report our experience with renal Tx with live related donors in this complex group of pediatric patients. By taking advantage of this saturable absorption property, we could fabricate a new type of optical saturable absorber (SA) based on mechanically exfoliated BPs, and further demonstrate the applications for ultra-fast laser photonics. The influence of ionizing radiation (gamma-rays 60Co) on aggregation activity of the vascular wall and functional (aggregation) platelet activity was studied in the course of the development of acute radiation sickness.

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Nitrilase (nitrile aminohydrolase, EC catalyzes the hydrolysis of indole-3-acetonitrile (IAN) to indole-3-acetic acid (IAA). We designed a program called WE SMILE: We can Eradicate Student Mistreatment In the Learning Environment with a vision to enhance trainee and faculty awareness and ultimately eliminate medical student mistreatment. The disclosing parents viewed themselves as more competent at parenting. They also reported racial stereotyping, apprehension of cesarean births, and concern about the competence of medical interpreters.

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Identification of the sensory/motor area and pathologic regions using ECoG coherence. The study suggested that more than half of patients with stroke without kalixocin tab 250mg cephalexin a history of cardiac disease have MIS.

edex costco y presupuestos procesales 2011-01-13

Antimicrobial activity of amoxicillin versus amoxicillin/clavulanic acids. Acute breathing patterns in healthy and heart disease participants during claritt 500 mg side effects cycling at different levels of immersion. Cerebral Ischemic Reperfusion Injury Following Recanalization of Large Vessel Occlusions.

edex 20 mg 2010-07-22

Specifically, raniplex tablets comparison CTS obviously diminished Nrf2 expression, thus contributing to the decrease of Nrf2-target genes expression levels. Measurement of cervical canal sagittal diameter in Chinese males with cervical spondylotic myelopathy. The common fold shared by members of the glutathione-transferase (GST) family has a topologically conserved isoleucine residue at the N-terminus of helix 3 which is involved in the packing of helix 3 against two beta-strands in domain 1. The authors compared 21 grafts that developed LEF with the remaining transplants (controls) in a longitudinal cohort study of 500 consecutive penetrating keratoplasties by 1 surgeon. Malaria prevalence in Bata district, Equatorial Guinea: a cross-sectional study.

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Deploying piezosurgery took the surgeon an average of 10 minutes longer than working with a conventional-saw technique. In the UK, the majority of diagnostic upper gastrointestinal (UGI) endoscopies are a result of direct-to-test risperidone withdrawal dyskinesias referral from the primary care physician. Experiments were conducted by using nicotine (plant extract) for its toxic effects on Drosophila melanogaster, LC50 estimated is 2.9552 microl/100 ml.

caverject edex injection cost 2018-04-28

Salud Tiene Sabor: a clindamycin phosphate topical gel 1% reviews model for healthier restaurants in a Latino community. Surface traps are ubiquitous to nanoscopic semiconductor materials. We describe herein a rare case, in that the patient developed parkinsonism with rest tremor after receiving CyA following orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). However, the interpretation of fMRI images rests on assumptions about the relationship between neuronal firing and hemodynamic response that are not firmly grounded in rigorous theory or experimental evidence.

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Comprehensive analysis of long non-coding RNA PVT1 gene interaction regulatory network in hepatocellular carcinoma using gene microarray and tetracycline hydrochloride for fish does cat bioinformatics. The risk factors of AVNFH were assessed by multivariate binary logistic analysis. In addition, hyperspectral band ratio (BR) indices sensitive to photosynthesis were developed using optimum band ratio (OBRA) method.

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Patients with left ventricular (LV) dyssynchrony have a marked pamprin ingredients side-effects of gabapentin misbalance in LV myocardial work distribution, with wasted work in the septum and increased work in the lateral wall. Animals in each carbohydrate group were further randomized to diets that varied in lipid type (no additional lipid, soybean oil, fish oil, olive/soybean oil, macadamia nut oil).

edex 20 mg injection 2014-03-02

Within the visual system, it is, in particular, one functionally specialized pathway upon which selection has acted: evolutionary changes in the number of neurons in parvocellular, but not magnocellular, layers of the lateral geniculate nucleus are correlated with changes in both brain size and ecological variables (diet and social group size). We describe a method for measuring chloramphenicol by high-performance liquid chromatography. Quality of life improvement in older patients with heart failure initiated on ivabradine: Results from the UK multi-centre LIVE:LIFE prospective cohort study. Histamine liberation and histamine trikozol 400 mg hinta hinyai formation in traumatic shock and in shock-resistance. Injecting drug use is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality.

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Thus, sertraline hydrochloride side effects ukc it has been presumed that MAPT plays a crucial role in pathogenesis of neurodegeneration via affecting the structure and function of tau. Earlier diagnostic and referral procedures in primary care in deprived areas are required if there are to be significant reductions in mortality from these cancers. Possible explanations for these discordant results are discussed.

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Manual microabrasion using a plastic spatula removed less enamel, but was sufficient to eliminate most superficial stains and defects, and sulfamethoxazole trimetoprima bactiver uses may be a viable option for the microabrasive technique on primary teeth. Monitoring HIV Drug Resistance Early Warning Indicators in Cameroon: A Study Following the Revised World Health Organization Recommendations. Does migraine headache affect cognitive function in the elderly? Effects of phosphor distribution and step-index remote configuration on the performance of white light-emitting diodes.